Actinedit vous accompagne vous et vos équipes à créer les solutions innovantes à travers :

  • Du conseil pour cerner les freins culturels et les opportunités à l'innovation dans votre entreprise, proposer les orientations pour développer une culture de l'innovation
  • Des formations : design thinking, lean startup, business thinking, créativité, agilité, pitch et management de l’innovation
  • Du coaching d’innovation: accompagnement des équipes à des moments clés du projet pour les aider à innover plus, accélérer leur projets, transformer les obstacles en opportunités, faire les bons choix, pivoter si besoin, savoir pitcher
  • Worshops de création et valorisation des idées ou résolutions de problèmes majeurs

Jean-François Barrand, Head of Innovation and collaborative work faculty at AirBusiness Academy"When working with Christiane, we all learn from her exceptional expertise in many aspects of innovation. Her capacity to support organisations stretches from defining strategy to supporting transformations with agile frameworks, mindset and behaviours (Design Thinking, System Thinking…). We collaborate on missions that involve training, coaching and facilitation, benefiting from her unique style. Christiane has greatly contributed to the success of our learning solutions, thanks to her rich corporate experience and creative approach to teaching. I am thankful for our collaboration and look forward to what’s coming next

Gary Wicks, Corporate Innovator at Airbus, “Airbus is focused on, and committed to providing World Class learning solutions to enable our transformers, innovators and intrapreneurs reach new heights in value creation for our customers and Society globally. Christiane’s contribution has been fundamental to the creation of these solutions. Her unique combination of expertise in innovation methods and pedagogical styles, coupled with humility and natural flair for collaborative working has help achieve what at times seemed an impossible task. It has been a pleasure and great learning experience working closely with Christiane, and hope we will be able to do so again in future”.